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A glimpse at pop culture, today's holiday AND the politics of workouts . . .

Glam: A Gender Gap at the Gym Is Keeping Women From Working Out

MetroUK: Gym holds a female ‘takeover’ in honour of International Women’s Day

Latestly: International Women’s Day 2019: From Ronda Rousey to Becky Lynch, WWE Divas and Their Diet and Workout Routine

And then we share these news links closer to home regarding all things local. Take a look:

Kansas City Touts Sketchy Fix

KC uses thump pads as temporary fix to potholes

Kansas City is trying out thump pads as a temporary fix for potholes until Public Works crews can fill them with asphalt.

Kansas City Highway Of Death Fire

Fire below 71 Highway presented challenge to firefighters

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Firefighters in Kansas City, Missouri, put out a fire underneath 71 Highway near 22nd Street early Friday morning. The fire department said a person driving on the highway reported seeing smoke. The location of the fire, under a bridge and alongside train tracks created a challenge for firefighters to gain access and extinguish the fire.

Race To Save Lives

Mom running 40 miles to raise $40,000 to combat Kansas City's homicide problem

On long runs, Cara Gilmore uses the time to think. "I was actually on a run one day, and I was thinking about our homicide problem we have in Kansas City and all over," Gilmore said. So, Gilmore decided to do something to help.

Lesson In KCPS Meal Time
Kansas City Schools starts 'Breakfast in the Classroom' program with $500k grant
Golden Ghetto Gets More Fluoride

$17M upgrade project Olathe Water Treatment Plant underway

Olathe Water Treatment Plant #2, which pumps millions of gallons of water every day around the city to over a 100,000 people, will see some big changes over the next two years as part of a $17 million upgrade project.

Soggy Friday Forecast

Mostly cloudy, 42 degrees on Friday

After fog to start your Friday, the clouds will hang tough. Temperatures will climb to about 42 degrees.

The McTavish Agenda Right Now

7 Unexpected Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Can you expect the unexpected? For sure, if you take heed of the following weekend to-do tips - one and all containing a surprise of one sort or another, from unexpected March gore (ick!) to a "silent disco" (huh?). But I'm giving it away. Best to read on and discover the unforeseen for yourself.

Julia Michaels - Deep is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. I am woman I am gender I am strong

  2. Maybe the City should try using real Asphalt rather than Kitty Litter and Used Motor Oil to fill the potholes.

  3. ^^maybe you should find something else to whine about.

  4. ^^ Why would I? How else can we give you something to do with your wasted little pathetic excuse for a life, Little Buddy?

    1. Ha! Good smackdown. I hear 10:30 sobbing in it's safespace.

  5. A civil engineer once told me KCMO has better water compared to JoCo because of the water source. Upgrades aren't going to help that.


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