Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Kansas City Afternoon Link Stroll

Hottie Joy and her streetwise hotness inspire this quick review of fashionista damage to the planet . . .

Inhabitant: The environmental secrets the fashion industry does not want you to know

UN: UN launches drive to highlight environmental cost of staying fashionable

Closer to home, this quick news link peek offers an up-to-date review of Kansas City right now . . .

Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Shares Fashion Inspiration With NFL
Andy Reid Rocks Hawaiian Shirt Yet Again in Latest NFL Head Coaches Group Photo
Airport Hype Clip

KC business leaders share hopes, expectations for new KCI (Video) - Kansas City Business Journal

As Kansas City celebrated the groundbreaking of the $1.5 billion single-terminal modernization project on Monday, many local businesses were celebrating, too. Beyond those in industries directly touching the project - construction, engineering, construction trades and developers - many local business leaders think the project will boost their companies, allow for easier corporate travel and make Kansas City a more welcoming place for those coming to the city to do business.

Hope Or Hype: Midtown Kansas City School Offers Hip-Hop Teachable Moment
Plaza Academy receives new studio for hip hop production class
Kansas City Royals Share Tricked Out Tribute To Long Gone Glory Days

Roll up to Opening Day at The K in Salvy's tricked-out Jeep

Autographed baseballs are cool, and so are game-worn jerseys. But if you're looking the ultimate Royals memorabilia for Opening Day on Thursday, then we've got something for you.Overland Park Imports is selling a one-of-kind, tricked-out 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport that was owned by star Royals catcher Salvador PĂ©rez.The Jeep was originally built with more than $35,000 in extras, including Salvy's logo and jersey number embroidered in leather headrests.

Show-Me Poultry End Game

Gone On The Range: Missouri Prairie Chickens Are Disappearing

Even though Missouri conservation officials have shipped in hundreds of prairie chickens over the last 40 years, the native species has steadily declined in the state. As the Missouri Department of Conservation prepares to count prairie chickens this spring, the agency reported this week that the population in Missouri has dropped to fewer than 100.

Granny Guv Great Debate Lesson

Kansas Tax Relief Bill Down, but Maybe Not Out, After Governor Kelly's Veto

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly sent a tax relief bill down in flames Monday, taking her veto pen to the measure she says would wreck the state budget. But, as a priority for Republicans, it could remain in play for the rest of the legislative session and rise from the ashes.

Soggy Midweek Ahead

Warm Tuesday and Wednesday, off-and-on storms possible later this week

There's a slight chance for...wait for it...snow. VERY slight.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

It's going to be okay. The votes will pick the best candidate in the next election.

Which Liberal Pundit Ranks "The Worst" said...

Falling behind is now in style

Anonymous said...

Fly the friendly skys of Killa' City

Anonymous said...

Plaza Academy receives new studio for hip hop class????? In other words a studio for black kids to go in and act stupid and learn how to rap vulgarity and carry on with violence. Just like Kyle James.

Carly Bigums @worshipmybigums TV said...

Don't forget those waffle tacos we reported on.

Anonymous said...

^^whaaaaa!!! I want to complain about SOMETHING!!!!! Whaaaaa!!! Boo hoo!!!!! I hate this! I hate that! whaaaa!!!!! I don't like this! I don't like that!!! Whaaaaa!!!! Killa shitty!!!! Whaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Republicans are united enough to jam that veto up Laura Kelly's tax increase ass.

Anonymous said...

You OK gopher?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Bigly triggered. All day. Everyday. And, yet, gonna stay that way. I know. Weird.