Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Fight For Kansas City Coffee Supremacy

Apropos given that the barista pastime is dominated mostly by formerly suburban hipsters trying just a bit too hard to uphold "progressive" values whilst not looking around at their own precious social scene . . . Checkit:

U.S. Coffee Championships Brings All The Java Lovers To Kansas City's Yard

Several hundred coffee lovers and coffee experts converged on Kansas City, Missouri, over the weekend for the U.S. Coffee Championships. The baristas who competed were looking to win a trip to the world championships in Boston next month. And a local woman did just that: Kaley Gann with Messenger Coffee won the 2019 Brewer's Cup category.


Anonymous said...

Sponsored by Urinex? What happened to Chock Full o' Nuts as sponsor?

Anonymous said...

A lot of testosterone in that room.