The End Of Cash In Kansas City?!?!

TV news covers more social media beef and mostly complaints from online trolls looking for a way to make somebody else's life miserable. Take a look at the controversy that's easily solved by a trip to another restaurant. Read more:

Cashless restaurant causes noise on Facebook


  1. Everything offends someone. I know my shit does not stink, but I have had folks say it does. Just can't please every asshole.

  2. And, do what? Oh, cross your fingers. Walk fast.3/21/19, 2:04 AM

    No cash. Doesn't want his biz robbed. Soooo, the area's not safe, but park your cool cars, bring your wallets, purses, blings and gadget things.

  3. Having eaten there, it seems the menu excludes more people from eating there than "going cashless" ever could.

  4. It's okay, no cash. You'll want that credit card receipt from sickness eating the "raw" fish.


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