Still Waiting For Prez Trump Job: Mighty Kris Kobach Escapes Kansas Voter Suppression Indictment & Shares Advice On Gun Laws

Perspective from KCTV5 on the inquisition brought by constant loser Steven Davis . . . "A grand jury that was impaneled to investigate former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has adjourned without bringing an indictment."

And then his insight into gun rules & regs . . .

Kris Kobach: When People Without Gun Experience Pass Gun Laws


  1. Perspective from KCTV5

    Okay woo boy this should be intellectually stimulating.

  2. Hows it going?

  3. I agree with just about every thing he says, but he’s a terrible politician. How about Judge Kobach?

  4. It would be nice if all of the current gun laws were strictly strictly enforced. Very obvious the intolerant left is not focused on criminals but only law abiding citizens because they know criminals do not follow the law.
    The left wants all of law abiding citizen’s guns because we know they will not get into the boxcars willingly.
    Leftists believe owning a gun is a sign of mental illness and believe men dressing like women is perfectly normal.

    This week’s gun control argument in a nutshell:
    because government failed at every level,
    you need to have your rights curtailed by the
    government that just failed at every level.

    Making good people helpless does not make bad people harmless.

  5. ^^^ +10000000

  6. Why would anyone listen to anything he has to say. He's such a bad lawyer, Secretary of State, and human being.

  7. I like him. Only you libtards don't.

  8. ^^Good for you. Nobody asked though so.....

  9. Yeah, the guy's so evil and corrupt that even after stacking the grand jury full of Douglas county libs they couldn't find a single criminal charge to indict him on.


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