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Overview of a recent Golden Ghetto culture war controversy wherein the benefits of Catholic education were the last thing concerning any of the social media combatants. Take a look:

Dueling Petitions in Kansas City Archdiocese Over Child with Gay Parents

While we all know that the Catholic Church is not a democracy, that hasn't stopped concerned Catholics from trying to sway the opinion of its leaders with petitions.


  1. It cant be changed locally, petition all you want, the Vatican has made their position abundantly clear, thousands of years ago, don’t like it, go somewhere else, we don’t want you here.

    I don’t see them petitioning mooselimb schools, do you?

  2. "Patheos" is garbage.

  3. Fuck captcha

  4. @8:34First of all, you don’t speak for anyone fatty. You copy that? Second, mind your own fucking business! Savvy that? Now get back to molesting chi.

  5. Did God change his mind about homosexuality? No, and it is unlikely that he will. I doubt a petition will have any effect.

  6. 2:02

    You're confusing God with Paul.

    Jesus would not shun gays, or their children.

    When you claim the Bible is the Word of God, you are equating the words of Paul with the words of Jesus. This is blasphemy.

  7. King James Version...Not Rick James, Super Freak!3/17/19, 9:32 PM

    @6:53/BlieRon, is that in your Braille Bible? Better read some more, like those chapters and verses about "Nay To The Gay"..."No Go With The Homo"..."Same-sex, Well, Going To Hell".


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