Show-Me Senator Josh Hawley Standing With Prez Trump Over Border Wall Emergency

An explanation of double down despite many Republicans also rejecting the Prez over Constitutional concerns.


Josh Hawley: Why I chose to stand up for President Trump and for America

Money line:

"Last week, I voted in support of President Trump’s emergency order. I want to take a second to let you know why. The fact of the matter is that there is a both a humanitarian and a national security emergency on our Southern border, made all the worse by Democrats who are refusing to do anything to fix it."

Read the whole thing at The Turner Report . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Byron Funkhouser3/19/19, 5:45 AM


  2. Trump's expression looks as though he's already discovered that Hawley is an insufferable twit, but doesn't care as long as he votes with the administration.
    Hawley's a great example of "to get along, you go along" politics, so he'll probably have a long career in Washington.
    Won't accomplish much for Missouri residents, though.

  3. What a suck up.

  4. Hawley's finally found a job that get him back to his Home Town, he'll be resigning the Senate seat as soon as he lines up a permanent gig.


  5. Yep but all of you kids on here who have no clue will be the first ones to bitch when you're fighting with an Illegal to get a job. Funny how you people were O.K. when Obama said there was an emergency but contradicted himself and did nothing about it. You idiots vote for party only and nothing else.

    I have an idea, don't hire democrats.

  6. ^^^Again, real slow for you, no one is against border security!!!!! If the idiot in charge was a real politician he would be pushing a comprehensive border security plan and not just some dumbass end to end wall for his catnip craving base. Just a fucking joke this guy. No fucking clue what he's doing. He thinks he's the king of the US and can just do what he wants.

    You really gonna tell me you'd be ok with Obama declaring an emergency over ANYTHING in order to circumvent Congress. If so, I call Bullshit.

  7. @8:18 Settle down there Trigger. Take a pill.

    A major reason Trump won is because he is not a politician.

    He's not taking your latte's and bmw's away from you.

  8. Look everyone! Two dummies with a combined IQ of 60! Special-ed class of 2020!

  9. A major reason our country is a worldwide shit show is because Trump is not a politician, so there's that too I guess.

  10. Whores for Israel. One Nation Under Zion.

  11. Glad to see Josh Hawley standing up for what is right. 7:36 couldn't have said it any clearer.

  12. @7:36AM, like you is a mouth-breathing retard. Neither of you posess an IQ above 40.

  13. I have lost track of the distinction between an "twerp" and a "twit".

    Perhaps Josh is demonstrating that it is possible to be both and that such a creature is clearly an invertebrate.

  14. Be curious who all still supports Trump when Mueller is done pulling his threads. Then again, I suspect the vast majority who stand by him today are taking money from Russian Oligarchs in some way, shape or form (so, basically Putin) - knowingly or unknowingly.

  15. Dumb and Dumber.


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