Monday, March 04, 2019

Show-Me Pro-Life Missouri Arson Accusation

An inferno targeting medical professionals offers a glimpse at the culture war turning violence as this dude is charged with "taking his minivan and stacking two 5-gallon buckets inside the building and then throwing a Molotov cocktail through the door."

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Columbia man charged in Planned Parenthood fire

Complaint in Wesley Kaster federal case COLUMBIA, Mo. - Federal prosecutors charged a Columbia man Monday with arson at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia. Wesley B. Kaster, 42, was charged in federal court in Jefferson City with one count of maliciously damaging a building, by means of fire or an explosive, owned by an organization that receives federal assistance.


Anonymous said...

Can't say that it's right but I don't feel bad either. Don't forget to see unplanned March 29 it will tell all about the lies planned Parenthood tells women about abortion and the things they don't tell. Stop The Killing. It's Not Your Life To Take.

Anonymous said...

^^It's not your body! Mind your own fucking business.

Cee Bee said...

^^It's not your body either! I believe a woman has the right to choose. After she has had sex, she has made her choice.

Could we agree that 3rd trimester abortions are infanticide?

Please don't bring up the old saw of rape and incest. Together they account for less than .1% of all abortions.

Before Roe v. Wade, feminists said they wanted abortion legalized to prevent back alley abortions performed by non Doctors. NY just legalized abortions by non Doctors. So we see how disingenuous they were.

Don't be fooled. This is all about the enormous profits make from the sale of fetal tissue and organs. Disgusting ghouls!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Angela.

Anonymous said...

How can you look at our mayor and city council and be against abortion?

Anonymous said...

I feel as bad about this as Tiller getting a bullet in the noggin.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood's new ad campaign.
"NRA stop killing children
that is our job"

MDLQ said...

So.....why does your god murder babies inside their mothers?

Anonymous said...

Burn babies burn.