Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Show-Me Good Book Winning In Missouri

Given that many public schools can't even afford to keep their textbooks current . . . Introducing ancient texts can't hurt the public education system that has lost of the faith of so many Americans. Read more:

Missouri House votes to allow Bible courses in public school

Missouri House lawmakers have passed legislation to allow public schools to offer elective social studies classes on the Bible. The Republican-led House voted 95-52 to pass the bill Monday. Some critics argued that public K-12 schools can already teach about the Bible and other religious texts. But Republican bill sponsor Rep.


Anonymous said...

and the ACLU will sue to have them removed and win. Keep your God out of my schools!

Anonymous said...

Of course they did. You want religion, pony up and send your kid to Private School.

Anonymous said...

Bible courses; why? Churches don't teach 'em anymore?