Show-Me Food Insecurity In Rural Missouri

Fact of life . . . The right-wing often downplays access to food in the urban core but it seems that many of the same issues regarding subsidy, culture and education also impact mostly white residents in more "conservative" sections of the state. Here's a conversation about helping to alleviate the problem. Take a look:

Intersection Excerpt: Missouri Health Talks on Food Insecurity 'The Hidden Problem'

In this excerpt from KBIA's Intersection, Melanie Hickcox and Monica Palmer with Feeding Missouri, a coalition of Missouri food banks, discuss the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding food insecurity. They spoke to KBIA for Missouri Health Talks. Monica Palmer: I grew up in rural Missouri. Single Mom. Five kids.


  1. Some of these folks have to drive an hour or more to get to the store and the koloreds are crying because they have to drive five minutes. Who really has it worse.

  2. They don't have to buy food. They get stamps for anything they want plus the church.

  3. ^^Damn, must be a slow day if the diaper dandies are bitching about this. Talk about a bunch of losers, you two failures take the cake.

  4. ? Go out and shoot a few rabbits, or gig some frogs. They're edible.

  5. why don't americans eat more rabbits? Is that a backyard code violation?


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