Saturday, March 30, 2019

Show-Me Democracy Crackdown In Missouri

A move to raise the threshold for voter participation in Missouri that might be a response to progressive advances in medical marijuana and minimum wage sparked by local petitions. Take a look:

Missouri House Committee Looks To Make It Tougher To Get Initiatives On The Ballot

An election cycle in Missouri that saw 371 petitions submitted to change the state's laws or constitution is prompting a new discussion among lawmakers about ways to limit the process. The House Committee on Elections and Elected Officials heard several hours of testimony on nine proposals Wednesday, though it did not vote on any of them.


northlander said...

Goes to show your voice not be hear and your vote don't count to Rebulican law makers

Anonymous said...

Initiatives have been used mostly by leftists to advance initiatives that duly elected representatives would never pass into law. Funding for the initiatives is huge and comes largely from out of state deep pockets. There is little to no organized opposition and what there is, has no money. With all the money and organization on one side, it's no wonder that it usually wins, merit or lack thereof being irrelevant.

In other words, statewide initiatives have become a way for George Soros and Tom Steyer, among other rich lefties, to make laws that they favor but that Missourians would not favor, in a fair contest. It is past time to stop it.