Thursday, March 07, 2019

Should Kansas City Build A Jail?!?!

Credit where it's due, here's a great question about a disaster in the making that local politicos would be smart to avoid given the constant nightmare human rights crisis run by the denizens of the Courthouse:

KC needs alternative to Jackson County jail to house inmates | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City is fast-approaching a deadline to find a new location for its municipal inmates. In June, Jackson County will no longer house them in its jail. City Manager Troy Schulte said the city would build its own.


Anonymous said...

This is such an example of bad planning. Whose job was it to figure this out? You just thought you could negotiate and it would all work out? This city is trash.

Cee Bee said...

Maybe the city should pass a resolution that requires the County to pay a fee for real estate operated downtown.
In any case this is a big time fail. 20 years ago, downtown real estate was dirt cheap.
The city needs to have its criminal court in the same building as its jail. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers will pay for it. The standard deal.

Anonymous said...

Let jaco move out to their new jail and killa shitty will take over the old jail proving once again that it’s not really the jail but the people running it. Just wait, you’ll see.

I do like the idea of putting the court in the jail, nice idea!

Anonymous said...

2:27 Brilliant idea. Not.

The Jackson County jail is a falling apart tower, costs a fortune to maintain, and the city doesn't need a facility anywhere near that big for the few dozen people it might hold on city municipal charges.

Why are we holding anybody in jail, for about $110 a day, on small time city charges?