Saturday, March 23, 2019

Season Of Kansas City Vigils Start Now

The latest horrific murder story comes home this weekend and reminds us that our local murder crisis remains unsolved. Read more:

Family, friends hold vigil honoring murdered KC mother, daughter found dead in ditch

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Family and friends gathered Friday night at a Kansas City park to mourn the loss of a mother and child taken too soon. Pink and white balloons soared above Hibbs Park, near 59th and Spruce, in honor of Sierra Robinson and her 2-year-old daughter, Noelani Robinson.


Anonymous said...

Another vigil and more balloons and helium wasted.

Anonymous said...

When I were to die and if you all hold a vigil and stand around with a bunch of balloons and pictures I will come back and haunt your asses.

Have a celebration of life, fire up a huge bonfire, get a keg, and party till the sun comes up.

Anonymous said...

Where is the EPA when these idiots are intentionally polluting the air and land ?

Frosty TheSnowman said...

I am voting for The mayor candidate who comes out and says, "I can't do a damn thing about the murders. " That is the only honest candidate.