Monday, March 04, 2019

Schlitterbahn KCK Owes Big Bucks After Verrückt Decapitation Controversy

A glimpse at the failing financial fortunes of this company that's unlikely to reopen this facility under current management. Read more:

Report: Schlitterbahn future in jeopardy, park owes $180M

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A report filed last week by Kansas City investment firm EPR Properties raises doubts about whether or not Schlitterbahn can re-pay $179.8 million in debt the company owes the firm for the Kansas City, Kansas water park.


Anonymous said...

Say it with me..."Dead in the water."

Anonymous said...

They definitely stepped into the slide zone.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time any corporation had their incentive goodies "clawed back" just because they left town or went out of business?
These "public/private deals are one-way streets.
And there are a whole lot of "businesses" downtown that aren't able to pay the freight.

Anonymous said...

EPR Properties, the Business Journal's 2017 "Champion Of Business" now wants the State of Kansas to issue more STAR Bonds so they can get back the money they advanced to Schlitterbahn to pay the legal costs of the trial!

Apparently there are no limits to the arrogance of these Developers and also no sense of propriety or shame.

Meanwhile Schlitterbahn just lost one of their Texas parks to a bank foreclosure.

Sounds like 2008 all over again, doesn't it?
Eight years to get the Economy back on its feet and then only two years to yank the rug out.