Friday, March 01, 2019

Rock Chalk Stolen Colon Comeback

Quick reminder about the consequences of rich food and high crime . . . Thankfully, detrimental effects from both are preventable & treatable for contentious local denizens:

As Colon Cancer Awareness Month begins, the #StolenColon returns to service

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Many of us remember the case of the missing giant inflatable colon. It was a mystery that kept Kansas City residents on the edge of their seats for a dozen days. With the #StolenColon hashtag going viral, many jokes and demands for answers were made all across social media.


Anonymous said...


A rendering of the future Sylvester James Colon Screening Center at the Loews Kansas City Convention Hotel!!!

Anonymous said...

^^He'll have left a hell of a legacy. Go Sly go!!!

Anonymous said...

Please someone get a giant inflatable penis and post that shit.

Anonymous said...

A colon! Hell I thought it was a KU coeds ass on a Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Sly should volunteer to lie in it to show what a real turd looks like.