Rock Chalk 'Learn English' Walkout

The tenured prof is confronting push back whilst a great many students protested immediately. Here's the 1st person report:

'Learn English': KU School of Engineering professor sparks walkout


  1. Professor's right.

    Snowflakes better learn that the world of Engineering, a.k.a. building shit, doesn't give a flying fuck about their widdle feewings and you cannot learn if you cannot communicate with the person you're supposed to be learning from.

    But what else can you expect from Che Guevera U?

  2. Sorry, snowflake faggots. The guy didn’t say anything wrong. If you don’t speak English, don’t go to Gay U.

  3. Rabbi Fred Neulander3/7/19, 8:33 PM

    Let them keep walking --back to the shithole countries they came from.

  4. I had a lot of Asian TA’s there in computer science classes that couldn’t speak English worth a fuck. Nobody cared.

  5. I've no doubt the student will have a bright future interning on the KCI design

    The professor should get a raise for actually teaching something about the real world

  6. Lower the standards and you get bridge building females. Their bridge collapsed on a road and killed people in Florida.

    1. Didya Forget This?!3/7/19, 11:30 PM

      KC. Hyatt. Skywalks. MEN. Hmmmmm....

  7. KU is in the United States. Last I knew English was the dominant language.

  8. Men will listen to women more once they put together a crew and build a shopping center that does.not.burst.into.flames.

    On topic, happens all the time. What euro wants to listen to an american try to speak their language. They will say u are inconvenient.

  9. Just flunk the foreigner out. Give his spot to an American.

  10. Byron Funkhouser3/8/19, 1:00 AM

    The professor is a typical, stupid American bully.

    The University needs to warn international students that they will be subjected to ridicule if they are not fluent in English.

    The State Department should warn all would be tourists, as well.

  11. ^^ Sheep in West Virginia should be warned about a blind white guy named Byron who's scamming the government.

  12. ^^^A blind white guy who somehow can read and respond to blog posts. But the scamming part is accurate.

  13. This is a golden opportunity for KU administrators to prove once again that they had their spinal columns removed in order to qualify for their jobs. Prepare yourselves for the tsunami of PC-speak that will come out of their facial orifices momentarily.

  14. ^^Or get this, try not to care like everybody else does. Not every single thing has to trigger you or require a poorly worded missive on the topic. Go find something else to do! Try to be a better human for once.

  15. I'm totally cool with the professor telling the students to learn english. Thankfully he didn't tell them to learn to code


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