Revealed: Rock Chalk Po-Po Gunfire Amid Seat-belt Stop Caught On Spy Cam

A realization/reminder that total submission cooperation with hands on the steering wheel with driver's license & registration info ready at your fingertips is often recommended when dealing with people who are encouraged licensed by the state to shoot you at their discretion . . . And the only consequence is usually a few days of social media trolling until the next Ariana Grande selfie post drops. Take a look:

Dash cam video shows Lawrence, KS police shoot, injure man

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The Lawrence, Kansas Police Department Monday released dash camera video at the center of a felony charge filed against an officer. On May 29, 2018, LPD officers stopped Akira Lewis for not wearing a seat belt. In a matter of minutes, the stop led to Lewis body slamming one officer before another office, Brindley Blood, shot him.


  1. Obey all police commands and you won't get shot. Pretty simple.

  2. Completely agree with the retired FBI agent's comments.

    The officer should not have resigned.

    That the officer is facing any charges whatsoever is a travesty of justice.

    How screwed up has our world become? People who disobey police orders and violently attack law enforcement are provided excuses by the liberal media, social justice activist groups, and liberal politicians who pander for votes.

  3. The suspect was a habitual traffic violator who knew he was going to jail no matter what. He could have done just exactly what the officer said to do and take his medicine. But nooooo he decided to play the race card instead of admitting what a loser in society he was. As my attorney/friend said yesterday, "When you play stupid games with law enforcement you're never going to win the model citizen of the day awards." He also hopes Officer Blood sues the hell of not only the city, but the DA and county for not only ruining her career, but for failing to backup a good shoot in stopping a person who may have been one blow away from killing her fellow officer.

  4. The fake news spin ..Remember the left have taken over much of the media and with there help socialist and communists have infiltrated Congress .

  5. ^^Sure they have retard, sure they have.

    1. Speaking of retards....3/26/19, 2:24 PM

      Shudup, Occasional Cortex! Don't you have some cow farts to rail against. Speaking of rails, how's your plan for train tracks from the mainland over to Hawaii going?

  6. Big mistake resigning. There's no chance of being reinstated now.

  7. 1st comment: Do what we say or you die?

    And people wonder why nobody talks to the police.

  8. The officer fucked up badly. Not by shooting the sonofabtich, that would have been completely justified. She fucked up by saying her shooting him was an accident.


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