Saturday, March 02, 2019

Rep. Sharice Davids Talks JoCo Probs

The blue wave Congresswoman offers insight and a listening session to her constituents. Take a look:

Sharice Davids makes stop in Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) - It's Friday and, for our lawmakers in Washington D.C., it's a day to come home and meet with constituents. New Congresswoman Sharice Davids was in her Overland Park office talking with small business owners. Davids said everyone on the Hill is making up for lost time after the partial government shutdown.


Anonymous said...

How funny because she worked with Obama and he shut down small businesses all over the country, businesses that had been successful for years. She will do the same thing this is just a "BS I care about you crap." She is so against small business as all progressive democrats are. Just like her small business that she closed up and never paid back her loan!!! Shades of Cleaver!" They cut their own throat.

Crazy eyes Cortez and her polices caused a Bronx's small business to go under!!

Sharice David's is full of BS

Anonymous said...

Sharice already announced that in her first week in Washington she had found the bathroom closest to her office.
That is her major accomplishment so far and is likely to be her peak achieved during her first (and only) term.
Electing clueless people lowers the bar substantially.
And Davids is even less than an empty suit.

Anonymous said...

Small businesses like the coffee shop mommy bought, Sharice? Some small business owners have to make it on their own.

Anonymous said...

She is such an epic embarrassment to the district. I cannot believe that JoCo had enough morons to be hoodwinked by her nonsense.

Anonymous said...

She got me some great comps at the Indian Casinos.

Anonymous said...

Sharice is a dumb cunt

Rabbi Fred Neulander said...

Virtue-signalling. Davids works for Israel now.

Frances said...

Looks like Tony Baretta with an Injun wig.


Anonymous said...