Public Radio Takes A Dive For Kansas Congresswoman Sharice Davids?!?!

Conservatives fight back against media funded by taxpayers and viewers like you . . . Here's a fact check on the Sunday Rep. Sharice David's rendezvous . . . Read more:

Public radio misleads on Sharice Davids coverage - The Sentinel


  1. I want all tax dollars pulled from these morons

  2. Sharice is a stupid cunt


  3. Well the good news is Sharice got BOOOOOOOOOOED

  4. Your Right that article is a bunch of B.S. Hundreds of People? Maybe a Hundred. Another Liberal Pan-in on the stage. St. Andrews ' sanctuary (sp) is small.
    No Town Hall in five Years that's another B.S'er Yoder had public town halls upto the last two years when he got scared and became Establishment.
    I was there and I saw the whole thing, I don't know if we should give her a break because it was her first town hall, or burn her on Performance, overall my take in analogy "It was a softball game and sharice went in with a low batting average!
    Also it would have been a Fact Checker's Wet Dream!
    Davids was severely ill prepared and doesn't know what the Federal Government infrastructure is; she think we have a tax problem ,Corporate tax and the rich, when we really have a spending problem. and On and On and On.
    Check out the video if they haven't buried it.
    My Advice for your next Town Hall...
    *Have it a a public place that seats 250 people.
    *Make a radio announcement and email constituents.
    * Let Folks Politely ask you questions and answers them with no stonewalling.
    * Tell the Kansas City Star to sit this one out! the Star looks like they own you Sharice!

  5. KCUR another media outlet trying to control what you know or think.

  6. that Sharice Davids must have been in alot of fights! WOW every time there is something about her there she is with her gloves on going at it WOW! Gee I wonder what her record is, anybody know?

  7. ^^^^^^She was knocked the fuck out I know that much and then she quit.

  8. More like Sharice takes a dive.


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