Friday, March 29, 2019

Pick The Kansas City Mayoral Primary Winners Amid Low Energy Campaign

The silly season has been a slog with none of the mainstream candidates standing out and far too many forums filled with largely ignored complaints from residents. Here's a request for predication that will be mostly wrong. Read more:

Race for Mayor: Which two candidates will advance?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With the primary election just days away, all 11 candidates seeking to snag one of two tickets for June's general election to be the next mayor of Kansas City, Missouri are racing to the finish line. On Tuesday, April 2, voters in Kansas City will chose between the candidates.


Anonymous said...

The two that pledge to not ever send unsolicited bulk email.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a couple of them who don't LOOK like bulk mail.
That eliminates more than a couple right off the git go!

Real KC Voter said...

None of the above.

Anonymous said...

None of those idiots on stage.

Kshb needs to really do something with Gary Lezak he looks like a light bulb.

Anonymous said...

I pick the general and clay to win!

By the way, has anybody have any idea who’s running for clowncil seats, haven’t seen or heard a word on who’s running.