Saturday, March 09, 2019


There are no bargains to be found and this is CERTAINLY A SELLERS MARKET as locals and agents play small time politics in order to pump up value and perception of cowtown good life.

Credit to the best and brightest denizens of our blog community who found a hyperbolic guide to local living and moving property among the fading middle-class. Checkit:

Best Neighborhoods 2019

By Sherry Kuehl, Photography Katie Currid Finding a home is equal parts stressful, exciting and terrifying. For most of us, it's our biggest investment, and we want to get it right - right neighborhood, right price and right size.


Anonymous said...

I recommend a couple good books.. How to sell your home when your underwater and.. About that price your asking for your house

Anonymous said...

Is this a magazine for the rich and brain dead? The ranch remodel is an example of taking a classic and making it a, well, what is it?

Anonymous said...

When the real estate market corrects or there's a recession a lot of people are going to be stuck with wildly overpriced houses.

Ka-Ching, y'all! said...

Hey, now. Residential renovations provide work for the decently enumerated, skilled tradespersons. That is, IF no BAD HOMBRES (illegals) were involved. No surprise, though, when there's at least Juan, or two. Ha!

Plus, the enlarged home's footprint ups the revenues for tax collectors, insurance firms, utilities companies, and the cleaning senoritas. Also, WarrenMart (Buffet's big furniture store) and nearly everything else he owns, is likely getting in on this action.

Retro ROCKER said...

9:29 IS on the money.

Same old crap said...

Who would want to live in killa city? I'd rather take my chances in down town kck. No 100 plus murders a year.