Monday, March 18, 2019

Only SecState Pompeo Can Save Kansas Republican Demise?!?!

His talk today charmed local biz people who respect strength. The Kansas City Star has already denounced his candidacy. Here's the best report that offers a bit of funny swagger and a reality check about his political circumstances . . .

Pompeo: I'll be secretary of state until Trump 'tweets me out of office'

OVERLAND PARK, KS (CNN) -- Amid speculation about his political future, Mike Pompeo on Monday said he'd be in the secretary of state role until President Donald Trump "tweets (him) out." "I'm going to be there until he tweets me out of office," Pompeo said, making light of Trump's penchant for firing people over Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I recently heard political commentators on NPR say Pompeo was widely respected and is 'one of the adults in the room' in this administration. After reading the Star's editorial I will most definitely vote for him if he runs for the U.S. Senate.

Anonymous said...

To bad the asshole who author's the editorial comments for the star does not have their names attached so we can respond to their stupid bullshit about the Sec Of State, Who by the way graduated FIRST in his class at West Point. Be very interesting to know the background of the POS who presented it as factual. Just exactly why people have O respect for this LIBERAL ONE SIDED RAG paper. Bet he worked for the PITCH what a fucking joke.