Friday, March 29, 2019


Turns out letting cheapskate locals pick their prices is a HORRIBLE biz idea. Here's the latest news item on the topic before their inevitable shut down or menu change up . . . Read more:

KC's first 'donate what you can' cafe seeks sponsors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local father/daughter Realtor duo teamed up to serve a free meal Friday to people in Kansas City, Missouri, with the goal of encouraging other local businesses to get involved and pay it forward.


Tracy Thomas said...

Thx, Tony, I needed a Fri. nite laugh.
Pay what you want worked --for Cordish, when they negotiated their lease for Power and Light. Just don't pay, that was their solution, and now taxpayers pony up $15 million a year. Somehow all those drunks at the basketball tournament are not covering the rent.

And pay what you want works for millenials--either the ones in the downtown lofts, with no property taxes for 20 years. Or the others, still living in their parents' basement. "Sorry, Mom--I HAD to take your laundry out of the dryer--I had a meeting at the Westport PodPlex about my new hi-tech startup, where I buy tix to the K or Arrowhead, and fence them till I get caught. So sorry you didn't see my prezzie at 1MillionCups!"

Forget the name Thelma's Cafe--unless they meant Thelma and Louise, cuz this concept is driving over the cliff. Unless the Council decides that 31st and Troost, catty corner to the new upscale $1000 a month apartments with parking for six tenths of a car, needs to subsidize this doomed cafe.

New name: "AOC Cooks! The Cafe That Will Close in 12 Years When the World Ends..."

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tracy for mention of the costly scandal that has never been investigated. The refinancing of the Baltimore Cordish P&L bonds in 2014 as a lead-up to Sly's re-election in 2015.
Fifteen million annual subsidy lowered in 2014 and 2015 to five million dollars.
Why? Only apparent reason was to help Sly's re-election in 2015.
Reported cost of extending is to extend bond repayment and increase debt. Was $36 million added to $297 million Cordish P&L debt? Who besides the bond dealers benefited from this ploy? First exposed in the Pitch. More Killa City corruption.
Taxpayers will keep on paying until 2050?

Anonymous said...

Tracy’s right!
Pay want you want:
1. Frank White for a steal: Pays what he wants on his mortgage... buddies pay to cover
2. Cleaver: Pays what he wants for a carwash and let’s the bank take it back
3. Toy train riders: Free! They pay want they want which is zero and make KC taxpayers pay the rest... even the poor
4. KC Star- they pay what they want and the tax abatement tax payers pay the rest... even the poor
5. Anyone who works in KC : They pay 1%... which is what they want to pay to work in a high crime city that thinks pot holes are the norm and serves up smelly water at high prices and makes the poor pay 1% also.

Great City!!

Anonymous said...

This operation will last about as long as these folks have money left in their savings.
Then the "concept" will appear to have failed.
But just do what everyone else in KCMO who has big big ideas and no money does.
Head for 12th and Oak.
22nd or 29th floor.
There are clueless empty vessels sitting in every office and lots of cash right behind those doors.
And be sure to tell them the tired old tale that you opened your losing operation because of THE streetcar.

Anonymous said...

Better title - shameless Realtor from Leawood KS using Thelma’s kitchen as a marketing tool to get more clients.

Anonymous said...

If the truly wanted to help, they wouldn’t call attention to the fact that their Realtors and Thelma’s Kitchen has been open for a few years now. Do us East of Troost people a favor and just stay West of Troost on the fledgeling Plaza and Westport areas. We don’t need more White people thinking their helping by serving underprivileged so that they’ll have some nice dinner conversation in their swanky Leadwood Hills houses. Everybody doesn’t want to live like you and everybody isn’t was unfulfilled by realizing that pretty much everything is handed to you just because you are White. You’ve got the idea wrong. Plenty of poor Whites to help out in Independence if you really want to address poverty.