Friday, March 15, 2019

Everyone In Missouri Must Buy An AR-15?!?

Tantamount to a prank from a bored Missouri legislator makes a somewhat decent point about the gun control discussion and picks up the requisite headlines. Here's the best bit of cynicism:

Proposed Missouri Law Would Force Every Adult Resident to Buy an AR-15

click to enlarge While Missouri politicians have long tried to outdo each other over pro-gun legislation, the latest bill may be impossible to top - a law mandating that every Missouri resident aged 18 to 35 purchase an AR-15-style rifle. No, this is not the Onion.


Slys Urban Jungle said...

You need one in KCMO

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Another excuse to buy another AR!

Anonymous said...

I have extra's. BAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Mandate: Every Missouri Must Buy AR-15?!?

How many Missouris are there? Is there more than one?