Losing Kansas City Pothole Battle 2019

We talked about this drama and how it's more important to KCMO voters than any social justice struggle currently dominating the election discourse. And then, public radio shared this nice bit of follow-up:

Everything You Need to Know About The Kansas City Pothole War Of 2019

There comes a turning point in many wars when leaders are forced to acknowledge the reality of their situation. In Kansas City, Missouri, it was last week when Deputy Director of Public Works Ralph Davis admitted at a City Council meeting: "We're losing the pothole war really, really, really bad."


  1. There would be way more calls to 311 than what they said they have but people just don't call because the city doesn't do anything and know the calls sometimes are useless. It took six months or longer to pick up rusted water lines off of 57th street and now they are planning more work on lines that have been dug up twice. They have so many job openings because no one wants to work for the city that is so high in crime it's not worth the risk. It will be a welcome relief to have Sly gone but I'm sure the people will replace him with someone equally as bad. It's really sad to see and hear others talk about how our unique city has been ruined by people who don't have any sense and build with no planning or zoning.

  2. Oh, my. Now you've got gopher all triggered. Just wait 'till the big guy gives him a charge number! You'll get yours!

  3. Gawd where they hell are they finding these writers.

    Fucking waste of time reading that elementary school crap.

  4. ^^^ Hogwarts School of Journalism

  5. The Mayor and City Council want you to know, We Care !!

  6. If you call 311 they’ll send your complaint to the wrong department over 50% of the time, what people don’t know is you can track your complaint via kcmo mapping and then by clicking the 311 button on the left side of the screen about halfway down. It’ll show you what dept. it went too and when and if somebody actually does something.

  7. Many good polymer based solution. HEY! city people; ask for the technology and it will be handed to you- don't be so fn proud or resistent to change. Serious- if you ask for help from local polymer companies they will fn hand it to you- first 50,000 free. Just ASK!


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