Legacy: Mayor Sly James Helped Force All Of The Po'Folk Out Of Downtown Kansas City

In an otherwise worthless, covetous cover story about paper profits and real estate speculation . . . The punchline is that there are now more hobos who hang out in front of City Hall than ever before . . . Meanwhile, real estate speculation only makes life harder for the last remaining suckers who care about paying their bills . . . Unlike most of corporate America.

"The most notable increase is in 64105, which covers the western portion of the Central Business District and Quality Hill. Median income in the zone grew 52 percent, from $38,208 in 2011 to $58,100 in 2017."

Cover Story: Luxury multifamily bumps up median income in Downtown - Kansas City Business Journal

Downtown's housing market has seen substantial change in the past six years that has reshaped the makeup of its residents. Although a ways from joining the area's wealthiest ZIP codes, the primary downtown ZIP codes - 64105, 64106 and 64108 - have seen significant increases in median incomes since 2011, according to the U.S.


  1. There are no hobos who hang out at City Hall.

    Those are just lawyers who are tired of chasing ambulances.

  2. ^^^ you forgot gopher boi!

  3. ^^^ Good point.

    Sly is the greatest thing that ever happened to KC. Just ask him!

  4. Byron Funkhouser3/15/19, 6:55 AM

    Are you really going to ignore the terrorist attack in New Zealand?

    Is it because the victims were Muslims?

    1. Yes. Nobody cares.

    2. Yes, that's why, Byron, because they're Muslims, always serenading their worthless moon god.

      We have enough trouble with the negroes.

  5. ^^^^ Maybe it's because it's not in Kansas City you fucking worthless troll. This is a blog about KC not New Zealand. You rat fuck.

  6. There are way more homosexuals downtown than before Sly became mayor. I prefer hoboes rather than homos.

  7. ....and yes the NZ deal is about worthless dead muzzies. Why are they in NZ to begin with ?

  8. Funky, it's March Madness. Muzzies Mayhem is a different month!3/15/19, 7:41 AM

    Hey, B'lie'Ron, the busy-body+know-it-all+contrarian+fraudster+racist,
    this is Tony's Kansas City, after all. We got more than enough of our own concerns with this crumbling, corrupt cowtown's crimmies!! Far-flung shitholes can fuss with their own FUBAR crap.

  9. Downtown is a terrific example of everything great about KC. It's a lot of fun.

  10. Surprised any media organization has finally discovered that Slie has been forcing all of the blight out of the downtown area for years and then publishes that fact.

  11. Smiling Jack3/15/19, 9:48 AM

    One thing we can all learn from the eight years of Sly James' administration is JIM PENDERGAST WAS A RANK AMATEUR!


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