Latest FBI Investigation Of Jackson County Starts With Sheriff's Department Resignation

Insiders tell us that the Feds are ALWAYS circling the courthouse . . . Here's the latest update and definitely not the last. Take a look:

Jackson County deputy resigns, under investigation by FBI after incident with ATA rider

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - The actions of a former Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputy are now under federal investigation following an incident in February with an intoxicated ATA bus rider. The sheriff's office has not identified the deputy but noted that the deputy had resigned from the department.


  1. Investigate the sheriff as well. Let’s get him out of there.

  2. I should sue the fuckers. But it was 1983 at the "then" high class hotel katy corner from the stadium. It was a KCMO police beating that I didn't deserve and after trial for beating cops.... I was found not guilty and paid a $50.00 fine for bad conduct. They let me dump my party favors. But they did beat my ass.
    And fuck the reCAPTCHA

  3. ^^^ Good story. Agree about the captcha.

  4. Oops...busted for boxing butthead on a bus!3/16/19, 2:43 AM

    Wow, so, did that deputy dawg not speak loudly, plus fail to give enough fair warning to that bus ride disruptor drunk turned arrest resister? I mean, badge with gun guy needed to just axe that fool "Can't ya git up offa dat dam flo?", and try real nice like, lease maybe 50 times. Toss in abuncha "Now, doan mek me hafta taze yo ass, bro!" Yep, gotta start gentle, then work up to the loudest of yells at the boozers, like you're their mad-as-all-hell mamas.


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