Tuesday, March 26, 2019


The lame duck Mayor is wildly unpopular as he leaves office and on the brink of finishing his term backing a loser Pre-K sales tax.

He was never beloved but after delivering one tax increase after the next to The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce & The Civic Council . . . He earned respect among elites for his ability to play spokes-model. Sadly, now that his credibility is used up . . . His former big money friends don't have a lot of use for him by way of public office representation . . .

But more importantly . . . We ask our blog community . . .


Context . . .

- The water is brown but City Hall says we should still drink it down. Slowly.

- Murders continue to trend upward and KCMO ranks as the #5 most dangerous town in the nation.

- Streets are filled with potholes and only Ward Parkway is getting things fixed.

And so, here's the invite and a preview of the swan song of this social media politico.


Presenting Mayor Sly James' 2019 State of the City Address

Join Mayor James for the his final State of the City Address. It will be an opportunity to reflect on the last 8 years of Kansas City's growth and development, and look forward to the city's next chapter. This event is open to the public and we encourage you to attend! If you are unable to attend, the event will be livestreamed on Facebook Live and available for later viewing on Channel 2 and kcmo.gov.

Date and Time

Tue, March 26, 2019
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM CDT

Rockhurst University, Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Hall
5351 Forest Ave
Kansas City, MO 64110

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Lame ducks don't say much. They mostly just quack a lot.

Anonymous said...

He can say whatever he wants before he leaves. Just as long as he leaves.

It's not a lie if you believe it said...

Bernie/Sly 2020

Anonymous said...

He'll peedle the same crap that he has for years and just said at the "groundbreaking" for the airport terminal.
KCMO has become not just the center of the country.
It's the envy of the entire civilized world.
THE streetcar!
All the millenials are moving downtown!
Downtown is a vibrant, energized, sophisticated, diverse urban environment!
A new airport terminal will bring many millions more tourists!
And all this and more are due solely to his amazing leadership!
Surely the public will respond and give him the keys to another vault of public money.
A legend and celebrity in his own mind.
More Kool Aid, please.

Anonymous said...

Anybody but Jolie Justus

Anonymous said...

I hope he states his views on unsolicited bulk email.

Anonymous said...

His words will be: I won. You lost.

Anonymous said...

"- Streets are filled with potholes and only Ward Parkway is getting things fixed."

Wrong. I was on Ward Parkway Saturday, and not even it is getting fixed.

Anonymous said...

^^But were you on it today? because it sure as hell is today! Go away troll!

Anonymous said...

He'll preach the same thing his best friend Bill DeBlasio does even though DeBlasio has taken NYC down to the bottom of the cesspool, Sly has done the same to KC. Sly is the most laugh at Mayor in the metro area over and above Funkhouser and so are the people who voted for him. So if you live in the KC city limits don't move to the burbs you won't be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

8:05: No. I have not been on it since Saturday. I've been taking alternate routes to avoid it. It's great news the city is fixing Ward Parkway. Now, when are they going to fix the other streets, including 75th at State Line with its "welcome to Kansas City" crater?

Anonymous said...


While Sylvester sings the blues, KCMO drowns in the red!!!

Anonymous said...

He'll preach about all the great "momentum" KC has with the street car, the 800-room convention hotel, the airport, etc.

What he will omit from the speech is how much debt he and his administration has created over the last 8 years, how many 10s of millions of dollars per year get diverted from city coffers to private entities, and the mass number of tax increases that have been put in place during his tenure.

In essence, he'll preach a lot of sizzle but very little (if any) meaningful substance.


^^ It's Weird said...

Won't cost the taxpayers a dime! Keepin' it frosty!

Ordinance 190027 Authorizing and directing the incurrence of a Senior Appropriation Obligation in the principal amount not to exceed $900,000,000.00 in order to evidence the agreement of the City of Kansas City, Missouri (the “City”) to make certain debt service and additional payments to The Industrial Development Authority of the City of Kansas City, Missouri (the “Authority”) in connection with the Authority’s issuance of bonds, the proceeds of which will be made available to the City to finance a portion of the costs of the construction of a new passenger terminal at Kansas City International Airport and related purposes as set forth herein

Super Dave said...

Presenting Mayor Sly James' 2019 Liefest to the City Address

Anonymous said...

^^ So this Ordinance approves an obligation for the City (i.e. the Taxpayers) to provide to the Industrial Authority $900 million (of our Dollars) so the Authority can issue bonds to raise cash that the Authority will then "lend" to the City so the City can make a start on the new Airport, which "the Airlines are going to pay for" right?

Twenty five years in the Municipal Bond business, and this is a new one on me.

Anonymous said...

He will say, (Tony) TOLD YOU SO!!!!


Anonymous said...

Send Tony locations of horrible pot holes and pictures. Lets get this rolling on tagging them and making clear what is out there. This is a participatory citizens brigade calling for an action.

Anonymous said...


Tony's only interest is stirring the pot. He wont lift one fat,greasy finger to do anything to actually help.

Anonymous said...


Sign and Look The Other Pillaging Company 414 E 12th St #105 said...

@10:34 AM

How can we screw thee? Let us count the ways.

Anonymous said...

Replying to @MayorSlyJames @KCMO

Thank you for your leadership & vision. You have established a solid foundation for #kcmo's future!

ROFL god the mindless unthinking idiots in this town are astounding.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he has saddled his successor with all the debt and potential to have to pay for the Airport improvements.

Anonymous said...

...and, yet Gopher is bigly threatened by the truth. See you at the ribbon, er, I mean, pics/vids reveal SOON. Weird.