Thursday, March 28, 2019

Lame Duck Mayor Sly Loses Kansas City Star Support On Unwanted Pre-K Sales Tax

Late to the game, the newspaper joined EVERY School District that would be impacted and a slew of other community organizations which OPPOSE this controversial measure. Their subheader . . .

Vote no on pre-K plan that’s too expensive, too confusing and hurts the poor

Take a look:

The Star recommends a no vote on pre-K sales tax plan | The Kansas City Star


Anonymous said...

After seven years of endless rah rah for whatever Star celebrity Sly proposed, the newspaper gang has really headed for the exit in his last gasp.
No endorsement of Sly's mayoral pick Justus.
Now urging people to vote no on this ridiculous and completely inappropriate pre-K tax proposal.
If only these "reporters" and editorial writers spent more time actually finding out what's really going on at 12th and Oak and making the public aware of the FACTS, they might actually contribute to better more responsible government instead of what passes for municipal governance in KCMO now.
It won't be too long before the actual aftermath and financial consequences of Sly's years of empty PR and rah rah surface and the Star is already working hard to make believe it knew all along.
What a sad excuse for a local newspaper.

Anonymous said...

That is news, has the Star ever not endorsed a tax increase?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Star finally realizes it is irrelevant as far as the citizens having any trust in whatever the Star is trying to push. Since the schools and scores of citizens are against the pre-K scam and now the Star joins the bandwagon they are trying to look like they care about the citizens.
Problem is they have not published the main drawback of the pre-K scam which is the schools will only get 20 to 25% of the scam for the first 3 years the scam is functioning. Nothing has been stated as to what the rest of the money will be used for. Any guesses?
Bernie Madoff would be proud of this scam.

Anonymous said...

Too late Star! You're just a dead paper walking.

Anonymous said...

See you all at the victory party!!!!!

Fat Phobic Bullshit Artist in Blow Tie And Clown Suit said...

Keep it frosty

Anonymous said...

^^^Boring. Shit is played-out. Do better!

Look at the ventriloquist's dummy, hyperventilating! said...

Aawww, bigly triggered Gopher guy, it gets better.