Kris Kobach Praises Prez Trump Economy

But he's still waiting for the Chief Executive to give him a job after a crushing defeat at the hands of a Kansas Granny pushed him out of politics and back on the conservative stand-up circuit:

Kris Kobach: Wage Hikes via Less Immigration a 'Massive' Win for Trump

During a debate for IntelligenceSquared, Kobach touted Trump's "Hire American" economy, which has delivered increased blue-collar and working-class wages by between 3.4 percent and four percent in the last 12 months. "By reducing illegal immigration, you drive up wages, especially in unskilled labor categories," Kobach said.


  1. Kkkobach sucks Twit-In-Chief Cadet Bonespurs cock. Rot in hell Kkkobach.

    1. You lost. Get over it. But you won't, because you can't.

  2. 7:49 Move down to El Salvador and suck MS 13 cock fuck wad.

  3. I will suck his titties.

  4. Kris: Your fifteen minutes are over. Go away.

  5. Byron Funkhouser3/31/19, 8:52 AM

    If wages are going up & if unemployment is low, it's because we have a labor shortage.

    This anti-immigrant ignorance causes us to deport students after they graduate (no educated elites for us.)

    This anti-immigrant ignorance causes us to deport veterans of our armed forces (did we thank them for their service first?)

    Well, at least Der Fuhrer's chauffeur is in ICE custody (so the hatred is being universally applied.)

  6. More fun from "TRUMPTOONS", "Fox & Friends" announced yesterday that Trump "cut aid to 3 Mexican Countries, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador"!

    You can't make this shit up, folks!

  7. Enjoy the good times While They Last. Remember the Left There GREEN NEW DEAL. WE WILL BE GONE IN TEN YEARS. So Stop everything you are doing you have ten years to Enjoy Life. Party Its 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE .I'm going to Buy a few Classic cars With Big V8 ENGINES AND DO THE MARGARITAVILLE TOUR.

  8. Ths just in, 8:52 wants American workers' wages to be lower. That would of course be the effect of increasing the number of low and semi skilled labor through immigration. The mask slips! He's a Republican!


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