Kobach Calls Out Voter Fraud Push

Far right argument about voting from a dude who motored around Johnson County parades with a toy gun on his jeep and lost a historic election to a granny despite embarrassing touting his "mighty" public persona . . . Here's his latest blogging which offers some insight from a dude who has effectively helped his opposition push him out of the mainstream. Read more:

Kobach: If You Wanted to Pass a Law to Encourage Voter Fraud


  1. "A dude who helped his opposition push him out of the mainstream". The "mainstream" in Kansas put a dyke in Congress. A Congress that is pushing a bill to allow illegals to vote. Kobach cares about Kansans and (actual) Americans. Constant legal attacks by the Marxist (((ACLU))) defeated our solitary enemy of voter fraud.

  2. ^^^...and yet he got his ass kicked in the election. Weird.

  3. Yes, "weird". Like voter fraud itself.

  4. ^^^ Nope. He couldn't even prove his voter fraud. So much so that even Republicans want to take away power from the Secretary of State's office and keep the guy out of the Senate race too. Kobach is a world class loser and his own people don't like him. Sorry Brock. YOU LOSE.

  5. Security Guard Cameron Wright3/11/19, 11:50 AM

    ^^^ Establishment Republicans want cheap labor and they will have that cheap labor. "Brock" loses and we all lose. Enjoy your increasingly dysfunctional multicultural "utopia" !

  6. I don't know how to speak Spanish I'm American3/11/19, 11:56 AM

    Well obviously the Dems are desperate that should be obvious.

  7. Johnson County is better than you3/11/19, 12:11 PM

    Why didn't Trump put him in his Administration. He seems like a great guy!

  8. Wow, libtards out in force today. They believe nothing wrong with illegals voting, as long as they vote democrap. Above poster wanted proof. No proof needed. How would you vote when wetbacking the border and being told if you vote our way we will pay for every goddamn thing you need. We will be a shithole nation in 15 years. Sorry, forget "nation". Simply a shithole.

  9. ^^^^^"Wow, libtards out in force today. They believe nothing wrong with illegals voting, as long as they vote democrap."

    Sources, please. Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. Brock Samson3/11/19, 2:18 PM

    @12:44 "Sources Please". Are you on your period ?

  11. I love freedom of speech. You tell us who you are. Thanks, Breitbart, for the unintentional exposure.

  12. I read HR-1 and it does a lot of things that open voting to just about anyone at anytime.
    Reduces the voting age to 16.
    Same day voter registration at your polling location. That will enable fraud and take time to register walk-ins so slower voting for those already registered.
    Many other things that allow more uninformed and possibly illegal voters.
    Just google it and read the text of the bill. I can't believe that even liberals would vote for this. It is a very long bill so be in your comfy seat when you read it.
    I hate to admit it but Kobach is right on this bill.

  13. 12:32 people like you are so misinformed. You are fat wrong, illegal voting is almost non-existent. In fact, the commission Kobach used to head was disbanded by Trump himself because he found nothing (link provided below). Now election fraud? Hell yes that exists. Look no further than North Carolina. Are you familiar with what is going on there? I bet you're not because Fox doesn't talk about it. They are having to have a redo of their November election because REPUBLICANS committed so much fraud. Republicans are going to go to prison over this. Don't believe me? Look it up yourself. Aww hell, I'll provide you another link. Be sure to read them, they aren't fake news. Trump and Kobach found no voter fraud and North Carolina Republicans stole their elections.



  14. All "libtards" my ass I'm a mainstream Republican and even we can't stand the lying cocksucker

  15. Oskar Dirlewanger3/11/19, 10:04 PM

    Associated Press/ USA Today = Jew Bullshit

  16. 10:04 what a thoughtful, well-reasoned response. You are exactly why people typecast Trump voters as uneducated racist morons. Here you go you ignorant, mouth-breathing idiot:



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