KCK Fast Food Grocery Stays Winning

The fight against the "food desert" trend stays winning on the other side of the State Line . . . Amid background fighting on this deal. Read more:

Community feedback helps UG pick KCK grocery store design

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The design for downtown Kansas City, Kansas' grocery store is one step closer to the finish line. Based on feedback from four community meetings, the Unified Government chose option three for what The Merc Co+op will look like.


  1. What the hell is the government doing building a grocery store. Apparently it is going to lose money, otherwise a business would build it to profit.

  2. Why would someone build a store in that neighborhood. All that is there are homeless people that go to the food kitchens.
    Now how would you like to try to get out of your car only to have homeless people beg for money.
    Then once inside have to worry about your vehicle get broke into. Dumb idea put a small shop that is reasonably price and have some security.


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