Wednesday, March 27, 2019

KC WATER: Drink Stinky, Yellow Fluid From Tap & Don't Complain About Rising Prices

Possibly the worst endorsement for local taxpayer services this year timed perfectly for the silly season and virtually IGNORED by all the candidates. Checkit:

KC Water says despite color, odor water is safe to drink

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Late last week, Kansas City Water put out an alert letting people know about high levels of dirt and other small particles in the water creating a challenge for them as they treat the water. They said it's a result of recent flooding.


live lurked said...

Yeah sure, just as in Flint when the government insisted the water was safe to drink until they could no longer deny it.

live lurked said...

I'll drink the water once I see mayor sly drink a glass.

Anonymous said...

the airport and street cars are more important than drinking water

Anonymous said...

Not True that no candidate has discussed the issues or concerns with KCMO water or met with officials. I met with Terry Leeds on Monday 3/25, and I have on multiple occasion addressed the concern for our water quality and accessibility.

Edward Bell
Candidate for 5th District, In-District, City Council.

Anonymous said...

what just happened?