KC Tenants = New Citizens Association?!?

A better profile of this upstart new group that has dominated KCMO Silly Season 2019 with their advocacy against higher rent . . . Take a look:

'KC Tenants' push mayoral candidates on affordable housing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the Kansas City, Missouri, mayoral race heats up, there's a new group urging the candidates to focus on and commit to making affordable housing a top priority in the city. is a newly formed group whose main agenda is to make sure those who rent in KCMO have a voice in rental situations.


  1. They can push all they want, but the Mayor has very little to do with the cost of rental property or price of new homes.

  2. Byron Funkhouser3/28/19, 7:13 PM

    Nonetheless, this fight is going nation wide.

    Yet, another unsustainable path.

  3. Formed by hipsters with gender studies degrees.

  4. Hey Byron, get a job make something of yourself and you to could own a home.

  5. What's with this "affordable" housing crap? How about making sure the housing is habitable. We have a bunch of slumlords who rent out barely liveable shacks to people who are lucky to scrape up the security deposit. Reinstate the Housing Court AND hire inspectors to make sure each place is suitable for human beings.

  6. I actually want less affordable housing in KC. Lets get the the riff raff out of here

  7. Their proposals will make it more expensive for landlords to rent properties, and therefore will make housing more expensive, not less. Maybe the tenants rights folks are being paid by gentrifiers to chase the poor out of town.


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