Monday, March 04, 2019

KBI Investigating Controversial Lake House Sketchy Rent Deal For KCK Chief Zeigler

Even law enforcement confronts housing trouble . . . Here's the update and admission on a story that's a big part of political dysfunction in The Dotte. Read more:

KCKPD chief says he's under investigation for lake house

Kansas City, Kansas Police Chief Terry Zeigler notified his staff Monday that he's under investigation by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation into a questionable lease of a home.


Anonymous said...

What about the crime guns from the kcks police evidence room the police sell to friends and business owners in Wy Co? The officers working the evidence room love to make extra money selling stuff! They have some sweet pistols sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Call Nick for a cheap gun from evidence room!

Anonymous said...

Anybody complaining about the city paid for condo that kcmo has been paying for sLIE to live in? I think he finally did get out of it recently though, after paying for it for over 7 yrs.

Anonymous said...

KCK has always been about corruption

Anonymous said...

I welcome this investigation. If the chief feels this entitled to triple-dip off the taxpayers then there might be a culture problem at kckpd.

I suooort our police but there has to be accountability.