Kansas City Tuesday Early Double Take

A peek at both side of the "body positivity" argument and Instagram double standards . . .

DM: Emily Ratajkowski poses in lingerie for new Inamorata images... after defending herself against body shamers

FoxNews: Emily Ratajkowski defends steamy bikini picture after 'crazy' body-shamers throw shade

BuzzFeed: This Photo Of Emily Ratajkowski And Her Friend Caused A Huge Debate About Comparing Women's Bodies

Closer to home, here's a sampling of local news links that define our morning . . .

KCPD Hero Chases Down Rolling Gun Battle Suspect And Earns Medal Of Valor

KCPD officer to receive department's highest honor

The Kansas City Police Department is recognizing one of its officers with the Medal of Valor, the force's highest honor. Officer Jared Tipton will be presented with the medal before the board of police commissioners Tuesday to recognize his actions from last June.

Meet New Classy KC Honcho

Kansas City Symphony Names Daniel E. Beckley as Next Executive Director

Kansas City Symphony Board Chair William M. Lyons announced today the Symphony Board has selected Daniel E. Beckley as the next Executive Director of the Kansas City Symphony to succeed Frank Byrne, who will complete his nearly 19-year tenure this year. Beckley will assume the role of Executive Director on July 29.

Fishy Life Insight

Indonesian tuna takes world's sushi counters by storm

Indonesia is the world's largest producer of tuna, accounting for roughly 16 per cent of global production last year. Tuna exports to the US, its largest market, have soared 130 per cent since 2014.

First Responder Freebies

FOX4, Red Cross and KCFD hoping to give out and install 600 smoke alarms in KC metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- FOX4 is working for you, along with the Red Cross and the Kansas City Fire Department. We're getting ready to launch the annual "Sound the Alarm, Save a Life" campaign. The goal is to give out and install 600 smoke alarms throughout the metro.

Baseball Big Day Coming Up

Kansas City Royals: Opening Day starters over past decade

In fact, Brad Keller's start pushes Danny Duffy out of the Opening Day start for the first time since 2016. That season, Edinson Volquez took the mount as the Kansas City Royals began their defense of their first World Series championship in 30 years. Things are drastically different three years later.

Local Fighting History

Part 1 of 3: Famous Civil War battle fought in KC

"Battle of Westport" largest Civil War battle fought west of Mississippi.

Kansas City Catholic Tradition
St. Joseph's Tables, part 1 & 2
Panic! At The Disco - Dancing's Not A Crime is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Thank God Emily isn’t friends with Alissa Canady. That picture barely fit on my phone her ass was so fat. God damn she is fat.

  2. Action reporter Carly Bigums @ Worship My Bigums TV3/19/19, 8:06 AM

    It's the momentum that counts! Momentum and Robust = Vibrant

  3. ^^Dull. Unimaginative. Stupid. Borderline retarded.

  4. all the ladies going going crazy over the photo of emily and her friend is just another example of why women are paid less per hour.

  5. ^^You're just another example of poor white-trash with no life or no prospects. No pity, just contempt.

  6. 9:05, 8:54 remains categorically unspecified and reserves the right to slap the back of your skull, an action that could be photographically construed as definitively done to shame you, on purpose.

    You can even gather tens of thousands of men and women to discern or adulterate a motive, hysterically parsing significant instances of cause and effect, that are largely fetishes of perception.

  7. The chick on the left has more ham on her than a hog.

  8. ^^Speaking of hogs, how's your wife?

  9. ^^ She's great, doesn't just lie there and grunt like yours does.
    But then, she tells me you don't even notice her doing that during the entire twelve seconds.


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