Kansas City Touts Big 12 Hype

This cowtown has spent BILLIONS on attracting d-bags from Iowa who will likely have a couple of beers, eat a hot dog and then zone out watching b-ball. Meanwhile the local economic impact is often overstated. An exemplar:

Downtown restaurants bank on Big 12 tourney for strong sales

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the tenth year in a row, Kansas City will welcome Big 12 Conference fans to the Sprint Center. The games tip-off on Wednesday and preparations have been underway downtown and at area businesses. "March is definitely our month," Josie Hunter, general manager of Homeslice Pizza and Pints, said.


  1. So what if people exercise their freedom and the fruits of their labor to go about their lives to do things they want to do, even if you are. constantly pathological about finding faults with it? Why are people doing stuff of their own free will, not bothering you or any of your disciples, so worthy of your contempt and name calling?

  2. Why the fuck are you here? This is what Tony does.

  3. Question is: Does he really think this way of people or is it “what can I say to piss everyone off?”

    No rational sane person can have the kind of incessant pathological contempt for things such as (but not limited to):
    The streetcar
    PL District
    People who live and go downtown
    Some guy with MODOT who is getting stalked by his readers in the comments
    The Royals, Chiefs
    The suburbs

    What else???

    Honest conversation or internet trolling?

  4. The only week of the year when homosexuals are a minority downtown. The only week when the queers stop swishing around and try to hide their moral deficiencies.

  5. If you are over 30 and show up at these bars you are a looser.


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