Thursday, March 07, 2019

Kansas City Thursday Night Link Look

Tribute to classic hottie Jessica and a look at bedding issues . . .

FastCompany: We’re too damn exhausted to do anything about lack of sleep, survey finds

PsychToday: How Your Sleep Can Impact Distraction Levels

Time: Can You Really Catch Up on Lost Sleep? Here's What the Science Says

Closer to home, here's the links we're watching tonight . . .

Kansas City Busts Dumper

Quick work by KCPD officer stops felony tire dumper

The Kansas City Police Department says it has busted an illegal tire dumper.The KCPD said a surveillance camera captured a man dumping 54 tires out of a truck in the Ivanhoe neighborhood on Aug. 23, 2018.

Kansas Brew Gets STRONGER

KS to allow higher alcohol content beer in grocery stores

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A big change is coming on the Kansas side of the border that's been fought about for years. Higher alcohol content in beer will be sold at grocery and convenience stores starting on April 1.

Big Bucks For Old School Swindle

$30 million settlement in Kansas City sweepstakes scam aimed at elderly

The operators of a sweepstakes scam that affected senior citizens and others will forfeit $30 million in cash and assets under a settlement announced by the Missouri Attorney General's Office and the Federal Trade Commission.The agencies said Thursday that the settlement is a record for both the attorney general and FTC for a sweepstakes scam.The agencies say Kevin Brandes, William Graham and Charles Floyd Anderson sent deceptive mailers to consumers worldwide.

Mapping Construction Crisis

MoDOT to close four ramps on I-70/I-435 interchange March 10 through December 2020

The Missouri Department of Transportation is warning motorists to expect massive impacts to traffic as part of a bridge replacement and reconfiguration project at the I-70 and I-435 interchange. MoDOT said on Thursday, March 7, and Friday, March 8, crews are expected to close the right lane of eastbound I-70 from 18th Street to Cleveland Avenue from 9 a.m.

Kansas City Caddy Displayed

Cadillac XT4 makes first appearance at KC Auto Show [PHOTOS] - Kansas City Business Journal

The Greater Kansas City Auto Show is showcasing the Cadillac XT4 - the newest vehicle produced in the Kansas City area. Although sales of the XT4 kicked off in October, this is the first time that the Kansas City Business Journal has gotten a look inside the new vehicle, which is produced at the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, Kan.

School Selection Starts Now

After Applying To Charter Schools Online, 2,500 Kansas City Families Now Have A Choice To Make

Families of prospective charter school students who used a common application have received their offers and will have until March 22 to pick their top choice on School App KC. Sixteen of Kansas City's 22 charter schools agreed to use a common application for the first time this year.

Biz Lesson Tonight

KC Outpost at SXSW: LaunchKC sparking interest in Next-Gen tech talk

LaunchKC has landed in Austin for SXSW and is planting a flag in the ground for Kansas City this weekend, said Drew Solomon. Now in its fifth year as an industry focused accelerator for tech startups, LaunchKC attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs each year to apply and compete for $500,000 in grants, and the opportunity to build their businesses in Kansas City.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now .. .


Anonymous said...

All the fat fake revs want that Cadillac XT4. With curb feelers and a gold toof. Watch for upcoming play on white guilt.

Anonymous said...


When the concierge provided turndown service, I was up all night!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. KCPD finds illegal dump in the act. But, never suspected their Chaplin was a child rapist, even though 350k was paid out in a complaint. How many times was the Chaplin in the Jackson County Jail?

Anonymous said...

"The Missouri Department of Transportation is warning motorists to expect massive impacts to traffic as part of a bridge replacement and reconfiguration project at the I-70 and I-435 interchange."
Would not happen if MDOT had Joe on the project.