Monday, March 18, 2019

Kansas City Tesla Discrimination?!?!

Aftermath and money quote after the local auto industry signaled out these luxury EVs:

Ken Smiley, president of a local Tesla owners club, wonders why the Teslas were singled out. "There was a Noble there, a couple Ariel Atoms, a Lamborghini and some Pontiacs," he said. "They aren't members of the dealers association. So are they being asked to leave, too?"

KC Auto show boots the Teslas

A Tesla owner is at odds with the The Kansas City Auto Show for evicting his two vehicles from the exhibition. James Ransom says he was told the decision was made by the Automobile Dealers Association, which hosts the exhibit, because Tesla does not use dealerships for its sales.


Anonymous said...

Tesla owners are insufferably ass holes that is why they are banned from activities designed for normal adults.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is their party and they can invite/disinvite whom they want. That said, the optics of the situation are really really poor. That was a bad move to a guy that had a good handful of cars in the show. That said, I don't suspect anything will happen. People will still go, and tickets will still be purchased, even if all the private collectors joined together and refused to enter. P.S. I've only met one single Tesla owner that wasn't an overbearing prima donna, though I am a fan of the cars.

Anonymous said...

Trying to prohibit Teslas instead of just outdoing them on product will not help the traditional players. The Majors have turned their houses upside down to be ready to compete with where Tesla is in two years, they are not too confident, at least the smart ones are not.

This doesn't help with public perception of the dealers, many of whom dragged their feet for years on electric vehicles with minimal efforts. That is coming back to haunt them.

Anonymous said...

Can't trust a Tesla anywhere. They self-immolate.

agentzero said...

Way to improve your bottom of the barrel image auto dealers