Saturday, March 23, 2019

Kansas City Star Willfully Misses Point About Big Government Mandates On Guns

Newspaper sticks to partisan talking points rather than looking at REALITY about limits of government control and thinking about LIBERTY, FREEDOM or the Constitution.

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Worst idea from Missouri legislature: bill requiring AR-15s | The Kansas City Star

Missouri state Rep. Andrew McDaniel's proposals would require adults to own handguns and young adults to own AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. It's impossible to overstate the foolishness of both proposals.


Anonymous said...

The Kansas City Star Editorial Board has been excelling at reaching new lows the past eight years with every piece they publish.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Or, you could learn to read, & stop lying about what the Second Amendment actually says. Ditto, the First Amendment.

Anonymous said...

bLIEron, Nobody cares what some shit head in Virginia like you thinks, stay off the blog if you cant handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

I used to deal with Mark Funkhouser occasionally for my old job. I once asked him about his brother. He replied, "Byron has never worked a day in his life."

Anonymous said...

The editorial board is an Expense.
The takeover people will cut it soon enough-
But not soon enough.
Start a petition to abolish the board and send it to the takeover people.
It’s not a necessary or critical publishing entity.
It serves no purpose to help offset loses.
Or just call their customer support in an overseas call center and ask this question:

How much do you make an hour and why do you seem so intelligent compared to those who write opinions ?

Anonymous said...

11:10, Byron's brother Dennis says the same thing about him. Besides Byron has no idea what the constitution says because he is blind.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn’t anyone like this Byron fellow?

Anonymous said...

Even the very liberal Lawrence Tribe concluded that the second amendment protects an individual's right to own firearms. But then, Tribe did his research and is fundamentally honest, if somewhat twisted in his other beliefs.

10:11, when you have actually studied the intent behind the amendment, get back to us.

And BTW, we're still waiting for your explanation of what Trump has done that is unconstitutional.

I suspect you're all talk, no walk.

Anonymous said...

^^^ there’s no collusion so they are still dreaming up there next big lie