Kansas City Star Vendetta Against Sen. Hawley Chasing Away Readers?!?!

Don't get it twisted . . . We have absolutely no interest in defending the Golden Boy . . . But, by and large we've seen very little interest in this hit piece that most locals are politely ignoring because nobody misses former Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Read more:

Hawley insider had seat at table in Ashcroft investigation | The Kansas City Star

A top lieutenant and campaign donor to Josh Hawley was allowed to sit in on interviews conducted as part of the investigation into whether Hawley illegally used government resources to support his successful bid for U.S. Senate.


  1. Does the pinko star actually have any readers ? F them.

  2. Hawley committed the unforgivable sin of ousting a Democratic woman Senator. For that, he will be savaged by the left, including of course the Star, without mercy or pause. The Star fails to understand it is no longer believable or relevant. Its daily attack articles look a lot like death throes.

  3. I love the trolling. Tony knows the only people that actually read this blog are angry trailer park conservatives and people who hate Kansas City. Play to your base, right?

  4. ^^^^^^^^^^

    Trailer park conservatives???? I don't live in a trailer park and conservatives have way more class than democrats that's why you are such a sore loser along with the star.

    Anger???? Yep take a look at your own post. Hate Kansas City? No I hate what people like you have done to it. But you're too stupid to see that. We call people like you sheeple.

    Oh and seems like you are reading these posts and your'e also calling yourself a troll. ROFL

    1. Get the net out Tony. We got us a real big fish here who took all the bait. He's on the line man. Right from the living room of his double wide.

      He even said "sheeple." If we're lucky it's going to be one of these sovereign citizens, the South will rise again types.

  5. ^^Ha! 1:58PM just got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!

  6. Rabbi Fred Neulander3/6/19, 4:23 PM

    Josh Hawley voted to make it illegal for Americans to boycott the criminal, illegitimate, apartheid state of Israel. On the lighter side, an Israeli billionaire died yesterday in Paris during a penis enlargement operation. Win some, lose some.

  7. The Star thinks they are the parents of Claire from prosecutor to auditor to senator, they are the reason for her success.


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