Monday, March 04, 2019

Kansas City Star Now Dislikes Jackson County Exec Frank White As Feds Appear

This former baseball player has bigger problems than the newspaper it's still funny to watch the organization take NEWFOUND a bold stance now that G-men dominate the scenery at the courthouse. Checkit:

Secrecy surrounding Jackson County jail study is troubling | The Kansas City Star

Jackson County legislators bypassed the chance Monday to find out why County Executive Frank White's administration excised much of a consultant's report on the jail before releasing it to the public.


Anonymous said...

The red star is finally realizing this, now?

Anonymous said...

But, I's a baseball player too.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your headline.

But that's the Liberal Democrat Star Editorial Board echo chamber.

They loved Mike Sanders and his corruption until Hendricks and Vockrodt wrote about his scams, and he went to prison.

They loved former Sheriff Mike Sharp and his corruption until he resigned in disgrace.

If it was up to them, multi-decade organized crime figure Hillary Clinton would be President right now.

Star Editorial Board is a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Feds will go across the street where the real crimes are being committed and people are committing grand larceny, arbitrage and bond fraud everyday...