Friday, March 01, 2019

Kansas City Star Memo To Police: Stop Chasing Criminals?!?!

The newspaper left this note while running out of the door and possibly spending the weekend looking for a better job:

After a high-speed chase, KCK police should adjust policies | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City, Kan., police conducted a high-speed chase that reached 80 mph north of Brookside. That places too many innocent lives at risk, and department officials should review chase policies.


Anonymous said...

The red star can’t run its own business and sure as hell shouldn’t tell anybody else how to run their business

Anonymous said...

Shots were fired out of the vehicle. They attempted to run down an officer. Three guns were recovered from the car. Car chases are dangerous. So are young black killers. Take your pick.

BTW. 7:50 is spot on.

Anonymous said...

Both +1000

Anonymous said...

The failing KC Star must write a follow up piece instructing all of the hood rats, for their safety, to stop their stolen vehicle when the police lights them up and for the hood rats to review their policies on fleeing from the police.