Kansas City St. Paddy's Day Round-up: Families Tired Of Balloons After Tragedy

In the photo above we share fond memories of one half of a new 7-figure pr0n star team that started out in the pages of Playboy but now takes Internets adult scene by storm.

And unfortunately, adult games have their consequences in Kansas City as well . . . Here's the postscript on KC Sunday that was marked by both parties and human suffering. Take a look:

Kansas City Can Do Better Than Balloons As A Response To Rising Murder
Family of slain KC father grows weary of vigils
Another Peek At Shenanigans

Kansas City residents celebrate at St. Patrick's Day Parade

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A sea of green took over several parts of Kansas City Sunday morning. "Everybody should be Irish today," said Karen Houchins, resident. "They have to have green on. If they don't have green, uh oh shame on them," Kathleen Henderson, resident, laughed. Sunday's wardrobe requires anything green.

Speical Guest For Irish Roots

Ireland's Minister of Higher Education visits Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It was a sea of green early Sunday morning as it usually is on St. Patrick's Day at Browne's Irish Marketplace. "It's so exciting," said Cyndy Daniel, who was making her first visit to Browne's. "It's like we are all coming together and just one big family."

Cowtown Party History
A timeline of Irish history in Kansas City to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Rolling With More Tribute

Community shows support after cyclist dies during race

OLATHE, Kan. - The family of Craig Hedwood and the local cycling community were in mourning Sunday in Olathe. Hedwood, 47, a former state cycling champion, died during the Rage Against the Chainring gravel bicycle race last weekend near Wichita.

Local Transit Troubles Too

2 people have minor injuries after bus accident on 12th and Harrison

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Two people have minor injuries after an accident involving a bus Sunday night. Police said that an ATA bus was involved in an accident just before 10 PM at 12th and Harrison in Kansas City, Missouri. Officials have confirmed that two people do have minor injuries.

Working Danger For Police Today

Man arrested after crashing car into KCPD motorcycle officer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Missouri, police officer was hospitalized Sunday after the motorcycle he was driving northbound on Ward Parkway near Meyer Boulevard at the roundabout was struck by another vehicle. According to a KCPD release, a 2014 Ford Fusion driven by a 24-year-old Lee's Summit, Missouri, man turned east on Meyer Boulevard and struck the officer, who was ejected from his motorcycle.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Hate to say it, but balloons might be the best we can do.

  2. Yup, the blacks won’t quit killing everybody and at this pace there’s gonna be a balloon shortage!

  3. The family's right that balloons don't do a whole lot about the endless homicides in KCMO, now again proceeding at the usual rate of at least ten every month.
    But at least they aren't anywhere near as expensive and a complete waste of money as the long long list of "anti-crime programs", "activists", and fake nonprofits that taxpayers, foundations, and others spend tens of millions on year after year.
    How about directing some of that cash to putting more cops on the street?
    And how about the "community leaders" demanding some responsibility, common decency, and civil behavior from residents?
    Renaming streets using race to determine which candidates to support seem to be their priorities and neither do anything at all for the people in the neighborhoods who are just trying to earn a living, raise their families, live their lives in peace.
    But it never changes.

  4. It is politically incorrect to say we have a negro problem. Just keep sending billions in welfare their way and blame Trump for everything

  5. I actually think balloons are the best bet. Imagine if the blacks decided to do a 21-gun salute instead.

  6. ^^^^ What a cretin you are. You forget all the whites and Latinos who are murdered as well. Whey don't you go find somewhere else to troll. Your inane garbage isn't wanted here TROLL. Go get on an FBI watch list somewhere else, please.

    1. @7:50, Yeah, why don’t you give us the racial breakdown of victims and killers there dingleberry. If the negroes were filtered out, KC’s homicide rate would be on par with small town America. So piss off you daft twat.

  7. ^^^ Troll, troll troll!

  8. The KC Ass Man3/18/19, 8:03 AM

    Shame on all of you for failing to discuss DAT ASS.

  9. The high murder rate could be part of Slie's agenda. A high murder rate could be used to try and lure more federal $$$ to the city using the pretense of public safety, crime prevention, more police officers, and etc. but in reality could be very easily funneled to developers.

  10. Back and Side Door Enterprises LLC.. 414 E 12th St #1053/18/19, 9:03 AM

    Momentum Pride

  11. common sense3/18/19, 9:53 AM

    Last evening on the news an item about Satchel Paige ball park with serious structural damage from water erosion. Here's a useful and utilized facility in Kansas City's East Side, and the city is concerned about how much it will cost to repair the damage. Why not shitcan all the wasted bucks for MLK blvd and use that to help this needed structure. Won't happen. The fat revs see no profit for them. Shame. Wake up Eastland and vote these assholes out.

  12. I don't have a lot of money, but I have some set aside for my final expenses.

    Why is it, after all the balloons are released and the frat rev has ginned up many tears, the next request is for "go fund me page" contributions. No question in my mind that the gbmnt (me and mine) have already contributed.

    Life insurance premiums for the relatively small amounts needed for modest funerals should not be that onerous. (Perhaps hard to get in the hood.)

  13. Balloon releases are a waste of perfectly goo helium.

  14. Those balloons have to come down somewhere, sometime. They are environmental hazards to small living creatures.

    1. Just like the negroes they represent, they’re hazardous to living creatures.


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