Snow started about an hour ago for many of the denizens of the Kansas City metro.

And so we ask our blog community . ..



A few recent insights on the climate debate from both sides:

CBS: Extreme weather affected 62 million people last year, UN climate change report says

LA Times: Why the next decade will be critical in the fight against climate change

Earth.com: The impacts of climate change are accelerating, WMO report finds

Fox News: Green New Deal fails Senate test vote as dozens of Democrats vote 'present'

FP: How to Talk to a Populist About Climate Change

FxBiz: Is Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal a socialist takeover of energy?

Stanford: Stanford researchers explore the effect of climate change on suicide rates

Fox: Trump mocks Green New Deal, pokes fun at electric cars during Michigan rally

Vox: “AOC sucks” is the new “Lock her up”

You decide . . .


  1. climate change is happening but there's not much governments can do to change it. All of those regulations are cast off from third world countries and basically just serve to limit American business. China doesn't care about the planet and their choking off their own cities.

    1. I Love Kansas City3/30/19, 9:40 AM

      ^^^ A very myopic point of view. There are a lot of emerging industries that are creating jobs while cleaning up the environment. Nobody really wants a trashed planet. This is the one area where there should be bipartisan support to encourage change and help protect our future.

    2. The planet will be fine. It's the humans who are in trouble.

  2. Over The Hill Bloggers Inc3/30/19, 9:42 AM

    I think the Midwest, this area in particular is responsible for most of the fart gas destroying the ozone layer. Opinions are my own of course.

  3. The "Climate Change" hoax is an ongoing effort to redistribute YOUR money into government coffers to be distributed accordingly by the likes of Alexandria Occasional Cortex.

    AOC has a fuckin degree in Economics from Boston University and yet, does not understand the basics of how tax deferments work with respect to business. The fuckin moron thought that New York was going to cut a fuckin check to Amazon for 3 billion dollars. In Economics 101 at ANY decent community college, tax deferments for business comes right after Adam Smith's invisible hand.

    Giving money to Government bureaucrats to spend on "Climate Change" makes as much sense as actually lighting your cash on fire in the winter to stay warm.

    The Socialist idiots we have elected in DC, have 5 watt bulbs between their ears for brains.

    America has reduced it's emissions over the last 10 years by 30%.

    98% of the pollution in the oceans, come from 10 rivers - 7 in China, 2 in India and 1 in Africa.

    Americans ain't killin fuckin whales or poisoning the air, so keep your fuckin money and NEVAR give it to ANY Socialist idiot with fever dreamed visions of trains across the Pacific Ocean and killing off all of the cows.

    Jesus what fuckin idiots.

    1. Chuck NAILS it as usual! Nice work taking apart that leftist garbage. The links are fine but Chuck makes it plain. Great read!

  4. Snow in April is common in KC. The chicken littles of facebook are going crazy. I guess the must have just moved here.

  5. Anonymous The Future Apparently Isn't To Brigh3/30/19, 9:52 AM

    Welcome to Wonderful Kansas City. Overcast 350 days a year, maybe a week of sun... rain, snow, ice, wind..

  6. Kansas City will soon be underwater with all the rain. Maybe people might think about doing something then.

  7. We need to bulldoze more green spaces and squeeze more big box apartments and glass towers into any available patch of dirt.

    This will help the climate.

  8. Only Clay Chastain can save us. Unfortunately, he lives in Virginia and can't be here right now.

  9. Eat more puss.

    (Except you, Lezak)

  10. Yes Stanford Accepts Bribes3/30/19, 10:13 AM

    According to Fox 4's zippy website we are now experiencing "unknown precipitation" at the moment.

  11. Bribed My Way Into Harvard3/30/19, 10:14 AM

    So couch surfing is the official sport of KCMO I presume?

  12. A little level set for those who think it is all or nothing left or right. China has moved in several years from considerably behind us to now 3 times the pace of adoption of the US by units.

    The labels get thrown around here, liberal, conservative. What is happening in China is not lefty socialistic mush. It is a new type of rival we have never seen before.

    What is happening to the Oceans is terrible. The free market hasn't solved it yet.

    Think what you want with the old platitudes. We are as a society way to passive on accomplishing some good things. What is about to happen with electric and autonomous vehicles is rather fantastic. It was not driven forward by the usual lefty/righty blather but instead by the technology industry. Wait til you see what is coming. That industry has been upturned, much to Tesla's credit. There is another way and it is going to happen way
    faster than the sniping on this issue would portend. Watch.

  13. Called spring in Kansas City, has happened before and will happen again. Was just in 2010 we got 5 or so inches of snow. Anyone remember the April Fools joke of 1970? I doubt most the geezer haters were even born then. Nope been several large snows in late March and early April in history past. We actually have had a real winter around here for once.


  14. When it's really hot they call it global warming, and when it's really cold and should be warm they call it climate change.

    The idiot who said call Clay Chastain has it wrong Clay never said he was going to save us, but AOC did, so call her she is the one who says her GND can save the planet otherwise we are all going to die in 12 years.

    Well it was sure nice knowing you all.

  15. Historical data in the 60’s pointed to Global Cooling.
    Data up to last year pointed to Global Warming.
    The trend today is Global Cooling.
    The earth is millions, if not billions of years old.
    We have gone from total fire to ice ages and back hundreds of times- for anyone to concur that we can control weather the advice would be to find some Timothy Leary supplementary nutrients and tune in- turn out - drop out- enjoy the ride... or something of that nature.
    To get all mad and angry like AOC- that’s a prescriptive diagnosable disengagement that comes with an early death from stress!
    Keep calm and enjoy life.. Make America Great Again... Trump 2020.

  16. Climate has been changing for billions of years. Kansas used to be covered by an ocean and climate change made the seas go away. Before humans, and before industrialization. I demand an explanation for Russia using hitler trump to explain this collusion!

  17. My parents got me into College and anyone can squeal on me.
    They made me study hard and forced me to take out a loan. They forced me to do homework an think for myself.
    I didn’t get into Harvard or Yale, but better off for it... I don’t parrot the AOC crowd.
    Because of all the ice ages and super hot centuries and ping pong effect of hot/cold- we should blame the LEFT for perpetrating myths and the Media for spreading the Lies.
    Might not be a fence at the border- but can’t wait to see the media left get in the Pearly gates.

  18. Climate change extremists are like vegans - they always want to whine about it.

  19. Serial Internet Crooks Inc3/30/19, 10:59 AM

    We are coming up with a climate app. All you need to do is put this on your phone and then choose the kind of weather you prefer for that day and everything is good.

  20. Nothing that a resolution from the Jackson County Democrats DEMANDING that things have to change won't take care of!

  21. 9:42, as are most of the farts.

  22. I love long walks on the beach with my girlfriend, until the LSD wears off and I realize I’m just dragging a stolen mannequin around a Wendy’s parking lot.

    1. Best comment of all time. Ever.

  23. Byron Funkhouser3/30/19, 11:28 AM

    Well, here in north central West Virginia we had, yet another, winter without snow.

    Australia is still suffering from a hear wave.

    It rained this winter on the Greenland Ice Shelf.

    What can government do about it? Remove head from ass.

    1. Excuse me, you fucking moron:

      Greenland ice is now expanding.

  24. According to the National Weather Service, the average date of the last measurable snowfall in Kansas City is March 23. Today's snow sprinkling was not measurable. Media reporting on science is even less reliable than media reporting on politics. Ignore them.

  25. Very difficult to determine if their is global warming/climate change since it is virtually impossible to find a set of temperature data that hasn't been manipulated. Even NOAA manipulates their data and calls it some type of adjustment. The only reason to manipulate date is to get the data to show the results you want.
    The vast majority of the climate change scientists who spread the climate change propaganda are government scientists. It is all about the money and when politics clash with science politics wins.


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