Friday, March 22, 2019

Kansas City Silly Season Ruckus Tonight!!!

This evening we'll forgo power rankings because we don't want to play favorites but mostly because this EPIC episode of Kansas City's GOLD STANDARD political talk show is worth a look.

Check the description:

"Mike Shanin talks to Visit KC President and CEO Jason Fulvi about National Travel and Tourism Week and the impact of new hotels and a forthcoming new airport on attracting convention business. Mary O'Halloran, Ron Freeman, Danedri Herbert and Patrick McInerney discuss the latest poll in the crowded Kansas City mayoral race, the ongoing battle over Kansas education funding and democratic socialism."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Mary is BACK!

And she's bad.

KCmc said...

Basically, anybody who she DOESN'T mention has a better chance of winning. She hasn't picked a winner in a mayor's race since Kay Barnes. And that's what first got her on this show.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Yes and Kansas City has been paying for that ever since.

Ms. Money Penny said...

Monte Carlo favours Clay Chastain.

Anonymous said...

My prediction for the next KC mayor - he or she will be 100% owned by the developer/development lawyer cartel. I can't be wrong because any candidate that hopes to raise significant funds will have already sold their soul to the cartel.

Anonymous said...

Remember polls are like assholes everybody's got one polls don't mean a damn thing just ask Rudy Giuliani

Anonymous said...

I think Mary has dementia!

Anonymous said...

^^^Oh my. Must we dwell on the obvious?

Tracy Thomas said...

i CALL BULLSHIT on Jason Fulvi at Visit KC, (the hotel lobbyist).

1. I defy him to produce a letter from any prospective convention that said, "When you get a new airport, then and only then will we look at bringing our people to your city." A flat out lie.

LOL, when you cut down your gates from 64 to what, 39, creating more congestion, then that would be more convenient for our people?

2. And at last, the source of the fantasy factoid: 25 million so-called "visitors" to KC is revealed. Visit KC has defined this as "People flying in or OUT of KCI." So what comes in must go out--and who flies out comes back home in a day or two as well. So local residents on a trip away from KCMO's crumbling streets account for half of that fantasy number. We're now down to 12.5 million RT flights. And if an executive lives in Joco and flies back and forth each week for business, does that qualify as a "tourist"???? We also know that the majority of people using KCI do not live in KCMO.
And that people travelling on holiday who live in the hinterlands, eg Topeka, are not "visiting KC"--like a vacation. They're driving to KCI, parking and flying. No BBQ, no Nelson Gallery, no partying in the Power and Light district subsidized by the city forever covering their rent deficit to the tune of $15 million a year.

Anonymous said...

Tracy Thomas shoots and SCORES!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


McInerney took 20 seconds
O'Halloran took 42 seconds
Herbert took 31 seconds
Freeman took 10 seconds

Each side was allowed 60 seconds total.
Liberals took 62 seconds to make their points.
Conservatives took 41 seconds to make their points.

Liberals violated the rules and indulged themselves.
Conservatives operated efficiently and delivered under-budget and ahead of schedule.

Any questions?

Rpc said...

^^^^ That's REALLY petty. I like your attention to detail but I think splitting hairs of seconds is a bit much. Maybe focusing on the content of their comments would be more productive.

Anonymous said...

^^^1:49 comment

Those are the facts. You don't have to like it, but it's representative of the majority.

Liberals tend to violate the rules, think of themselves as special, and because someone else is paying the bill they take more than their fair share.