Saturday, March 09, 2019

Kansas City Should Fear Serious World Cup Push By Politicos And Fanboys

Soccer marketing and friendly promotional chatter should inspire fear in local taxpayers who will inevitably pick up the tab for KANSAS CITY'S 3RD FAVORITE sport.

Another example of the hype:

Peter Vermes on World Cup in Kansas City: "It would be wrong for it not to be here" | Pro Soccer USA


Anonymous said...

To bad Vermes. Pay for this crap out of your own pocket.

Bindy Sirco said...

Sponsor and Submit an ordinance immediately declaring an emergency.

Anonymous said...

Soccer is for homosexual countries like England, France and Germany and third world shithole countries like Mexico and Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Idiot sport. Yuk.

Anonymous said...

Coming off his fantastically creative bid to entice Amazon to KC, Sly now has the World Cup cluster to spend his time on and hope that the public will be distracted enough to forget to watch the airport fiasco, uptick in homicides, countless potholes, and all the rest of the symptoms of a neglected and hurting city.
And for KCMO residents and especially the local media, his carnival barking will become the "news".
People get exactly the kind of government they deserve.
This way to the egress!

Anonymous said...

That's why the airport has to be built. And paid for by the taxpayers.