Kansas City Saving Grace News Links

Just a few faith-based links we couldn't find a place for anywhere else. Take a look:

Jesus Saves In KCK: Framed photo of the Lord’s Prayer stopped bullet from flying through KCK woman’s home

WaPo On KC Metro Church Of The Resurrection: Here’s a Methodist congregation that’s not fixated on sex 

Cowtown Prayer Inspiration: 17-year-old says pastor pointed a gun at him after confrontation at KC church

More in a bit . . .


  1. Why are people having spaz attacks because people don’t want homosexual pastors? Have we not learned what introducing homosexuality in the congregation does from the Catholic Church? Thousands and thousands of little boys forever damaged because of gay adult

  2. There's a fag under every rock these days.

    Ditch that picture... or put up offensive pics of jews and muslims too. All or nothing. Got to be fair.

  3. I'd rather have that crazy gun toting preacher than that stupid cuck Adam Hamilton from COR. He's so afraid of offending anyone, he'll let all the muslims run a train on his wife.


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