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Hottie Sara inspires our quick peek at the lingerie biz game . . .

MIT SLOAN: What a bra company learned while disrupting the lingerie market

Close to home, here are the news links we're checking right now . . .

NextGen Confronts Danger This Spring

Underage DUI arrests go up this time of year

Kansas City, MO - With prom and graduation just around the corner, students have a lot of celebrating to do, but too much celebration could land teens in a lot of trouble. When it comes to minors and drinking, sometimes parents can be part of the problem.

Cowtown Pie Revealed

Now this is Kansas City-style pizza

Last month, we brought you the story of a Kansas City, Missouri-area pizzeria that claimed it had created "Kansas City-style pizza." I expressed skepticism that its sauce-on-top and herb-butter-brushed crust were enough to create a new geographic style of pizza. Put scientifically, I was unsure Pizza Speciation had occurred.

Check The Wildcat Discount

Kansas State to lower tuition for students in 5 states

Kansas State University is becoming cheaper for good students from five more states.The Manhattan Mercury reported that the Kansas Board of Regents agreed this week to allow new students from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas to begin paying less in fall 2020.

Tiger Cleanup Gambit Debuts

BenFred: Mizzou's 'Make It Right' campaign a risky but necessary move in fight against NCAA

The new billboards now standing above St. Louis and Kansas City must have caused some interesting water-cooler conversations in Indianapolis. If those concerned with protecting what is left of the NCAA's fraying reputation as a competent overseer of college athletics hoped the latest argument against the institution's credibility would blow over, a hash-tagged message displayed above Missouri highways begs to differ.

Parkville Continues Slide

River levels continues to rise in Parkville

The Missouri River level continues to rise Saturday in Parkville. English Landing Park and Platte Landing Park are flooded. Floodwaters are not expected to reac...

Local Actors For A Good Cause

Getting Paid To Act Sick? For Some Kansas City Actors, It's An Important Gig

When it comes to acting ill, Diane Bulan is a veteran. "I've been sick for quite some time," jokes Bulan, a perfectly healthy Kansas City actor who has worked as a "standardized patient" for about 15 years. The use of simulated patients started in the 1960s, as a way to evaluate the clinical skills of medical students.

Saturday Katie Forecast

Look for scattered rain showers Saturday

We'll see scattered rain showers Saturday. Look for highs in the 50s.

Marshmello - Here With Me Feat. CHVRCHES is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .



    Oh, it's you again - Mommy's Welfare Check must have come in, right?
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