Saturday, March 16, 2019

Kansas City Royals 2019 Doomed Along With 'The Keep' Lame Fanboy Hangout

The home team looks like it's gonna lose another 100 games this year because the front office is still more obsessed with pr0n over pitching. Accordingly, here's a great take down of a drunk fest marketing gimmick where the horrific Bud Light dominates. Read more:

Kansas City Royals: The Kauffman Keep and why it (probably) won't work

Well this year the Kansas City Royals have introduced The Keep, an attempt to get a younger crowd to spend their summers at the K. This family friendly orientated "group" costs 500 dollars to "join". What does that get you?


Anonymous said...

Is there anything in this town, besides himself, that Tony doesn’t have contempt for?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I’m surprised that some wacko job hasn’t been provoked by the asinine comments, spewing of hate and contempt for everyone and everything in this area, to go and do a “New Zealand Mosque” on some local establishment around here. I in no way advocate it, but I’m waiting and fearful of the day when we see in the news “Person inspired by local blogger community goes on shooting rampage.”

And, God forbid, I could see it happening at:
A Royals or Chiefs game (since all those people are “faggy fanboys”)
The Streetcar (since we know how much Tony hates that)
Downtown or PL (all those people are “fags”right)?
A classroom at Mizzou
Somewhere at UMKC
A MoDOT office
City Hall

And it’s not just places like this. There’s some guy who works for a local MoDOT office who, if you are reading this, I’d suggest you get a concealed-carry and keep it on you. There’s some bunch of mentally whacked out sickos here who have some kind of extreme hatred towards you for no reason. This person’s name, home address, work phone number, car license and description have been posted by readers with threats and calls on others to go inflict violent physical harm. You people better wise up: that’s felony stalking and threatening a public official (not that you care), and Tony refuses to address and stop. But why should he? He obviously thinks the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The only hatred I see spewing is from you, lickbag.